Get CERTIFIED! It says something about YOU!

STYLEZ has always been EDUCATION first.  First we focused on education with well-known artists where hair content flows from webinars of different lengths to personal interviews about artists’ personal journeys and inspiration. 

Now . . . we have created education bundles that focus on SKILL. Introducing, Stylez Certifications! 

We have curated our exclusive content into CERTIFICATIONS where you can finesse your education into specific techniques. Watch amazing webinars, answer quiz questions and get rewarded with sexy BADGES and CERTIFICATIONS! 

Not only do YOU deserve recognition for the time and money you invest in yourself, but your clients should know you improve yourself too . Get CERTIFIED! There is no better way to tell who you are as a hairdresser!

We invite you to take a look at the FIRST 3 Certifications: 


Build that curly body in your textured clients like never before!

Take an in-depth look at a textured hair consultation with Las Vegas based Cuban Hairdresser Leysa Carrillo, who is living proof of just what is possible when you treat curls right, starting from the consultation!

This four-part course goes over EVERYTHING texture, from lifestyle, to washing, brushing, home care and even how to put up curls for the gym to not destroy the hair! 

Brush up on everything you need to know to start adding more diversity in your book!


Lived-in color is a favorite for 2020, and balayage is a technique that has been tweaked to stay relevant in the trends of the moment. See how these four colorists approach the dimensional lift and pick your favorite for your next work of balayart

Daniel Mason Jones: L’Oreal Educator (does it say L’Oreal or L’Oreal Pro in his bio)

Nick Stenson: @nickstensonbeauty Artistic Dir: @matrix and SVP Salon Services & Trend @ultabeauty

Min Kim: L’OrealPro Global Ambassador

Daniel Mora: Redken Brand Ambassador


Jumping from the pages of the BarberingBible, these educators are sharing with you the recreation of their exclusive looks from the book. Blades, beards, shears and clippers, these artists go ALL OUT and cover minute details to get you practicing your fades on the gents! 

Rob @the_bloody_butcher (plz check these)

Sofie @staygold31

Anthony @anthonythebarber916

Alcides @aluppercut

Turn this downtime into a time for personal and professional growth. 

Stay safe, give love, and let us know how we can better help you. 


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