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About Stylez

HAIR is literally in our DNA. I was raised in a salon by my hairdressing mother and spent my time after school speaking to clients, sweeping hair, cleaning brushes and folding shop towels. My Co-Founders story is the same. 

Since I became an adult (whatever that means!), I’ve been an entrepreneur, just as ALL hairdressers and barbers are. We all have to grow, manage and sustain our careers, one day at a time. It is always challenging but offers us all much freedom and opportunity. 

It is in that spirit that Magdalene and I develop Stylez to be a tool to help you achieve the success and freedom YOU deserve, and that is what drives us everyday to innovate with new features, build community and create useful content. 

We thank you all for being part of this journey with us, and seriously, we love to hear from you so reach out on IG or respond here and share your stories or ideas with us. That’s why we do this, for you and the beauty community as a whole. 

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