There is a disturbing streak of injustice happening in our country, and we need to do everything we can to inspire beauty not only through our work, but also through our words.

Nevertheless, strife, division and heartache permeate. This has always been the case, but in specific moments like the present, it is sharper and more visible. 
People are mocked, they are shamed, some are starved, beaten and even killed, mostly in full view of society. 
Our jobs are all based on delivering ‘beauty,’ helping others look and feel better on the outside and the inside. 
We Hair Pros literally touch people, we transform people, inside and out. 
Many look to us for guidance, for advice, or just to lend a listening ear. 
When we excel, when we do our job with a wholesome intention, clients rise up out of our chairs taller, prouder and stronger than when they sat down. 
This is the job and the blessing for hairdressers and barbers. A charge and a reward. 


Imagine if we could do that in other areas, not just when we are working? 
Imagine if we could lift people up at the coffee shop, in our homes, on social media. 
Imagine if we made people feel more confident and proud in all we do.
Imagine the delight you would feel injecting even more beauty into the world outside of work. 
That is our opportunity. That is our calling. 
There is nothing, unfortunately, that anyone can do to undo the pain and struggle so many have felt or are still feeling today. 
Nothing. But we can all add our touch of kindness and joy to leave positive affect in all we do, every day, to every one. 
As a united community, let’s all do our part to lift up ourselves and each other. 
Let’s Be Kind
Love, Learn, Hair and Compassion. 


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