Now STYLEZ is the place you can go to GET BALAYAGE CERTIFICATION and let your client’s know in the process! Doing hair is all about education and the more you flaunt what you know, the more clients you will attract.

Balayage is a money maker! It’s one of the many reasons hairdressers LOVE A GOOD BALAY! This trend is also a client FAVORITE too because of the lived-in dimension, and God KNOWS corona has a hand in making low-maintenance color a new favorite for both consumers and pros.

Now, first, let’s start at the top: What is a balayage and how is is different from the rest?

A good balayage stands out from traditional highlights because no foil is used and the color is painted on freehand. The technique uses patches of light and shade to create multiple dimensions to the color and  allows a softer, less noticeable re-growth.

Invite your favorite educators to show you what they know!

Who will. you find

Daniel Mason-Jones – highlight, balayage, money piece (Capturing the Money Piece)

Daniel Mason-Jones shows a few easy techniques you can use in your salon that take your business to luxurious heights like he has done with his team. Lightening hair, quickly, like he does, can empower you to make your clients happier while decreasing the work time needed. 

Nick Stenson– ponytail technique and money piece 

Nick takes you through an easy effective balayage technique focusing on the money piece in the front to get the lightness what you want and dimensional color through middle length and at the ends. This technique is super fast, saves a lot of time and gives a beautiful effect! 

MIN KIM – BALAYAGE on virgin black hair

It is always exciting for clients with virgin hair to get their first lightening. Min, a L’Oreal Professionnel artist, creates a beautiful and natural sun-kissed look on virgin hair. Complete this course and you can assuredly replicate this on your clients in a fast, effective and elegant manner. ‘Min to the Max’

DANIEL MORA – Dimensional brunette – BALAYAGE

Daniel Mora has taken the industry by storm by creating sexy and beautiful dimensional transformations. Watch and master this skill to drive more clients right into your chair.

DOWNLOAD AND DIVE INTO the world of balayage from four different angles and learn to create the most trending hair color of the year without moving your bum from where you are!

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