These are very difficult times for all of us, while salons temporarily close their doors and clients cancel their appointments, it is clear our industry is certainly affected in uncertain ways for an uncertain amount of time. Although we may not find ourselves together physically, it’s the spirit of the industry that makes us stronger as we become each other’s support system.
Although we don’t know exactly what the future may hold, we feel it is important to be here for the community NOW more than ever.

Online education is a great opportunity to invest our newfound time in our businesses strategically, without being preoccupied by day-to-day distractions in the salon, and the ability to hone our skills with focus, to ultimately return stronger than ever before.

That’s why we want to add a little bit of light in every hairdresser’s life…
STARTING TODAY all new Stylez PREMIUM Subscriptions will be FREE for EVERY Pro for SIX months!

-> Download & Register on Stylez App


-> Enjoy 6 months of FREE Premium on us 

-> You’ll get an email before your first charge of $9.99 per month … and don’t worry, you can cancel ANYTIME, there is no contract!

Stop overthinking and DIVE INTO in a fun way of getting over 50 long form webinars, diagrams, behind the scenes, tips & tricks, personal interviews and highlights from your favorite educators in the industry.

WASH, STAY SAFE, & Love, Learn, HAIR.

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