I just wrapped an incredible trip to the magical country of India.

The main goal of the trip was to work with the Stylez development team. Yogesh and Rakesh are the lead developers, longtime friends, and are trusted team members for us. Trust me when I say that finding smart, patient, caring and talented developers is NOT easy. I have pain and wrinkles to prove it! They have been working with us for the last few years, slowly growing the team up to 16 now! It is amazing! 

Our team is based Ahmenebad, in the state of Gujarat. Gujarat is in the west central region and home to not only Prime Minister Modi, but Ghandi himself. Additionally, most of the richest people in India come from that state. Much like the ambition of New Yorkers, people in Ahmenebad have an entrepreneurial spirit that helps propel them to success…so hopefully that permeates the entire team :). 

While there, we met and talked often about the future of Stylez, and what tech development is needed to add the coming features to the app. This was such an incredible and inspiring time. We are getting closer to fully realizing what Stylez will be in its full form –  so watch out – it’s coming! 

Very soon, you’ll be able to create your own professional profile where you can add your specialities and share it with potential clients! Send them special looks that you think would suit them from, and the PROprofile allows you to view +500 webinars that you can save on your profile and learn techniques from! 

In the next few weeks, we’re dropping over a dozen new channels including the likes of Ricky Zito, Alfredo Lewis, to interviews of Phillip Wolff, @arod23pr and many more!

Along the way, I dropped south to Kovalam to take a couple days of rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatment, something I have done a few times previously. But we all know that to keep fresh, strong, motivated and clear headed, personal care is very important. Now I return strong, motivated, fully ready to kick ass ;). 

Thanks for reading, and we hope you visit the app soon!

Love, Learn, Hair. 

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