It is THE TIME for online education! If you have followed us for the past year, you know we have been launching Artist Channels with ALL kinds of education, from style, color, and cut, to artist journeys and inspiration through their hair journeys.

Now we’re taking things to the NEXT LEVEL with BRAND CHANNELZ! This is a special new space where you can enter the worlds of MATRIX, REDKEN, REUZEL, L’ORÉAL PROFESSIONNEL and soon BABYLISS.

We made the best app for brands, and it is all within Stylez! 

Reuzel founders Leen and Rob, top, at the BarberingBible shoot at #StylezStudios in Miami, FL.

You’ll be able to explore countless videos, interviews and features from your favorite brand, brand events and a schedule of classes for you to follow so you never miss out on the latest content coming from those brands you love and the educators you adore. 

Interviews from Redken Artist Connection 2020 at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami with artists Elizabeth Faye, Rebecca Taylor, Jamie Sea, Daniel Mora, Sam Villa and Cassandra McGlauglin.

With the rise of social media – everything changed. Brands are aware that the most authentic message comes from their very own users understanding the benefits and values of each brand’s culture, and that’s why each brand channel is it’s own world. 

Find accurate, technical and elaborate messages from the brands told by the passionate and genuine appreciation of their own ambassadors. We try to fuse brand storytelling complemented by the authentic, genuine point of view from the brand educators! 

Behind the scenes at Matrix Destination 2020 in Orlando, FL with (in order) Daniel Roldan, Lisa Walker, Lara C. Kay, George Papanikolas, Alfredo Lewis, Rickey Zito, Tabatha Coffey, Mustafa Avci, and Arod.

Online education has become more popular due to the Coronavirus, ugh, but thankfully, Stylez can be the place for EVERYTHING hair.

AND don’t worry, this is just the beginning! We have a few more surprises coming your way – ssshhhh, don’t tell anyone! We can’t wait to share all of this with YOU!

Thank YOU for reading.

Love, Learn, Hair. 


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