We are starting a blog! Wow – that is soooo 2002, isn’t it?! 😉 

We know! But…we really do have a story to tell, we really do have a mission to share, there are so many updates to Stylez and new things to share that we can’t think of a better way then just writing them in a blog. So there…make fun of us if you want, but we are doing it. 

Plus, all things come back in style again anyway. Isn’t that right, Ms. Jean Jacket?! 😉

But we do know that some (most) hairdressers are visual so would rather watch than read, so we will likely make these into short videos as well. But for those of you who read – please do! We aim to do nothing more than help you succeed, so whenever possible, please offer input on how we can better do that.

Here she goes…WHAT IS STYLEZ?

StylezStudio has been a dream of ours for about three years, and it started to come true in June of 2019. Originally, all the content in Stylez was made with our Hair Construction team in Europe, twice each year. While those productions were massive events, inspiring and incredibly productive, we wanted to start producing with a wider variety of educators, and more frequently. 

Plus, we find it important to connect with the artists, which is why StylezStudio is a set up as air is, which is just as much as a community as it is a studio. We moved into a large, multi-million dollar luxury condo in Miami where the artists can stay with us, eat with us, and have fun with us at the downstairs restaurant, at the pool, the spa, the wine or cigar room, or on the bowling alley. Yes…all of that is in the same building as StylezStudio. 

Why is that important? Well…we believe it is important for artists to understand what we are doing, and if possible, believe in what we are doing. 

YOU need to know that Stylez has a heartfelt mission behind it, something that can touch the lives of many hairdressers and barbers. By inspiring artists and educators to get behind that mission, there is NOTHING to stop us from propelling the industry into a digital future. To do that, StylezStudio has to be more than just a studio, it has to be a community created with us for you. 

So keep an eye out for who comes next! And if YOU want to shoot with us, please contact us any time. 

Love, Learn, Hair. 


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