Some of the many looks in the Texture Channel

We are so excited about the launch of our Textured Hair Channel! We love the diversity of the well-rounded techniques featured, and we are proud to have worked with such amazing artists on the channel. As we move towards a more inclusive society, we think it’s vital that texture hair education gets more visibility and that hairdressers get more training to be fully equipped and confident.

The curly hair trend is here to stay. You can’t walk the beauty aisles of any chain store and not see dozens of products dedicated to curly hair. It’s more than a movement, and we are here for it! We also know that many stylists need to elevate their education to cater to different hair types, so we try to bring you the best in textured hair education.

While you’re there, go get the TEXTURED HAIR CERTIFICATION so you can showcase your skills to the world. 

In the channel, you can learn about:

  • Daily treatments & maintenance,
  • Prepping hair for cutting & coloring,
  • Perfect cleansing & styling techniques,
  • Color test strands,
  • Cutting different types of curls,
  • Different curl types, and
  • So much more! 

Some of the Artists Featured in the Stylez’ Textured Hair Channel:


Thanks to all the artists for sharing their passions with Stylez.

Love, Learn, Hair. 

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