The #Queen of Cornrows Teaches You How

PATI PLYMIRE, aka @queenofthesouth512, specializes in precise and detailed braids, making unbelievable patterns. In the video above you can witness it yourself, from her shoot at StylezStudio in Miami, FL. Her braid work is truly next-level and the beauty of this tutorial is we actually met our model on the streets of Wynwood. A real-life situation unfolding before your eyes!

Refresh your braiding foundation skills with one of the top experts in the field. Follow Pati’s step-by-step in this four-cornrow braiding tutorial as she grooms her model with detailed precision, toolkit description and brilliant tips and tricks so you can replicate her smooth workflow behind the chair.

The Youtube video above is the STYLEZ RECIPE, a short version of the WEBINAR, which you can find in STYLEZ, the app for ALL things hair. It is basically your new network for hair education, and in one download, you will have all of this content, brand channels, and more in the palm of your hand.

Pati was the winner of the Barber Con Come-Up Award in 2020. In addition to her stunning braid work, she’s also a licensed cosmetologist and is kick ass at hair cuts and color, too.
She is an active industry educator and a leading ambassador for @StyleFactor_Edge.

Another reason you HAVE to join the #STYLEZFAM :

STYLEZ  connects beauty pros to knowledge in a digital space where you can learn education faster than ever before. From brand channels, to artist career revelations, this is a space designed for growth through a carefully curated experience with the most talented educators in the industry. Keep track of your views and explore all the ways you can win… aside from taking these looks from the app to your clients in a seamless process. Now staying updated with the most current techniques is easier than ever before!

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