MARKETING is a word some hairdressers avoid as much as ACCOUNTING. It’s not something beauty pros were trained in until very recently, but if there is ANYTHING that will help you GROW? It’s learning how to do something that scares you.

We caught up with YouTuber Marquetta Breslin, who has over 17 years in the business. First thing to understand? Marketing starts with a little every day. It’s not instant. It takes time and focus but it’s going to be worth it if you have a solid foundation.

  1. If you chase clients, they WILL run away.
    • It is uncomfortable and not advisable to look hungry in front of clients.
  2. Build a relationship.
    • Showcase yourself through your social media accounts. Make sure to keep posting great content, ask questions, give your page a peek about yourself, know your clients, etc.
  3. Likes & Followers don’t = $$$
    • Not because you have tons of followers doesn’t mean they all going to be converted to sales. In order to do that, you still need to build a strong relationship by creating valuable content with your audience that comes with time and patience.
  4. Build trust.
    • You will begin to build trust when you start working on the relationship. It’s a fundamental part of the relationship. When your client trusts you, it means you are doing a good job.
  5. Don’t worry that much about sales.
    • If you carefully do the first four of these strategies, everything will come through smoothly including the sales.
    • Sales is the byproduct of the relationship and trust you’re working with your clients.

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