SALON DESIGN is where vision becomes a reality, and clever innovation can take spaces from “cute” to “luxury” with the simple addition of “the right” salon chair. Transforming four empty walls into a place where beauty lives and thrives is the ultimate dream for salon owners, and we want to be a part of that design journey with you. Remember, there is no single way to decorate, but there are some KEY trending elements that you may want to consider when dressing up your space. 

Owning a salon (aka running a business) can be as exciting and daunting as having a baby. Yea, we said it! Salon ownership is JUST as much a passion project. It starts out as an idea that can take YEARS to make a reality, if not DECADES in advance of its existence. It is a life-changing event that requires 150% of your time and energy. While some of the new tasks may be accounting and sheet balancing, which are not so fun… It can also be incredibly gratifying when the task involves your design budget. 

salon decor ideas

Choosing decor pieces for your salon can bring so much joy, but it can also be overwhelming; the good news is we have the internet for inspiration and ideas. Here are some fantastic salon decor ideas that can give you great innovation for your salon.

This is where researching other salons & Pinterest become the source and key element for ultimate interior inspiration. Design can be an innovative part of starting your business, and we want to highlight some salons that did design the RIGHT way! There are a million styles to choose from, so we narrowed it down to our top 5 salons when it comes to whimsically modern “instagrammable” concepts. 

Instaworthy Salon Lobby Decor

Our first salon study for design inspiration is the Wildflower Collective located in Las Vegas. It has an “Insta Worthy” waiting area showcasing its Scandinavian and boho vibe, perfect for a selfie. When you walk into the Wildflower Collective in Las Vegas, you are encompassed in a potpourri of inspiration and good vibes. The salon’s design perfectly combines Scandinavian hygge simplicity and boho elements, creating an ultra-modern yet supremely natural environment. With over 100 live plants and live edge wood countertops, nature’s beauty shines throughout the salon while being complemented with modern lines, rich textures, and a calming neutral color palette.

How gorgeous is this trunk hair station? Overall I love the ethereal greenery contrasting with the warm homey natural wood counters. Also, I love how the salon owner sought out furniture and equipment. Owner Cena Jordan was looking for a unique combination of modernity and comfort to match her style, and she states:

“Buy-Rite Beauty was one of the only equipment companies that had a sleek, simple and more modern style we were going for, less traditional and more of a home and welcoming look.”


Next up is this Granite Bay salon called Moss Hair Salon and Spa. We love the clean, natural, earthy feel of this salon combined with a modern industrial vibe. It also has a touch of minimalism, and we love the different hair stations and how the mirrors are of various shapes and sizes. This helps segment the other areas inside the salon, creating space.

Customer seating is an essential aspect of a salon. It is just as important  as keeping your clients and guests comfortable. This salon has some thought-out seating and a charming little waiting area with, of course, coffee, drinks and irresistible treats. These little touches go a long way, as especially with loyal clients who will keep coming back for those little details.

The back-end of this beauty center has some elegant features that we loved, starting with the stylish velvet chairs and caramel leather seating. And YES, we definitely noticed the breathtaking ottoman stool while where guests can sit as clients get their hair washed—such a great touch.


Next on our list is Duck & Dry in London. They have several locations which all have  flawless branding. There is an exquisite coffee shop/bar feel to the salon, enveloped in with a bushy floral oasis. Well They have a Prosecco bar; need I say more? Let me repeat, a Prosecco bar! Their concept came from hatching these salons as a high-end blow-dry salon with luxurious decor and atmosphere. It has a quirky 60’s vibe with a modern flair, and I love how different the mirror stations are selected and laid out. One common element is how many of these salons embrace their brand values and showcase that in the design with wall art.  Look at the wall sign that says “Too Glam to Give a Damn!” That’s empowering anyone who will go there and get dolled up.

Duck & Dry MayfairRemember, you are in the beauty business, your job is to make people feel beautiful and excited about themselves, and your space should reflect that.
Duck & Dry Oxford Circus

GREEN & PROUD: TWELVE THE GREEN – Beautiful Salon Design

Our next favorite is another UK salon called Twelve The Green. When you visit their website, the tagline says TREAT YOURSELF. Again another short, powerful branding message that the salon owner included in their design.

They are also huge advocates of a green lifestyle as they state: “Twelve the Green is an exclusive nail and beauty studio in Chalfont St Giles, with a focus on promoting natural nail health through vegan and cruelty-free based products.”

The minty colors of the wall bring such a soothing tranquility  yet the rich dark green velvet adds the touch of luxe, which in turn states luxury can be cruelty-free. The glass tile wall with an ornate mirror for the handwashing station is a brilliant idea as it makes for a great focal point.

And can we discuss the foot tubes? Just wow. It makes you feel like you are in a private spa. I love how they carry out their branding colors through the design of the salon.


Number 5 is Halo Beauty Salon located in MA. It is a stunning way to make the most out of a space when it comes to design elements and we love  a clean rustic touch with fabulously thought-out glam lighting.

The theme her is TEXTURE and we see many elegant additions

For the lighting Nikki really wanted crystal, Jessica was really apprehensive because she didn’t want it to go in the direction of shabby chic. She still wanted to keep it modern. They finally settled on some lighting and of course it was unavailable because it was during the shut down. Jess found these lights at Pottery Barn and thought they were the perfect compromise. They had the crystal and glitz, yet still kept with the modern look with the more geometric shapes of the crystals. The backing on the lights is tin which ties into the casual beachy vibe at Halo. 

We hope you are feeling inspired to decorate your salon to match y9ur brand and to make your clients feel amazing! If you want your salon to be featured, follow us on Instagram and tag us!

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