6.25″ SWIVL

It is essential to have high-quality tools, especially when working with the delicacy of hair. This 6.25″ Swivel Shear, manufactured by Sensei, is your new go-to cutting shear for any haircut. Forged with Japanese Steel and with a lifetime warranty





1 6.25″ SWIVL Shear
1 FREE case.
Lifetime warranty.


Japanese Steel
Zero Gravity Tension
Cryo Tempering
Leaf-spring Tensioning


The SWIVL is a shear designed to reimagine the way you work. When we first created rotating thumb shears, nothing like them had been seen in the industry before. The SWIVL shear takes our original rotating thumb design and creates something completely new and innovative. The thumb sits in the perfect position to maximize your ability to rotate without ever compressing the palm. By allowing all the control of the shear to come from your hand, you change the fundamentals of cutting hair. Your whole body position is no longer dictated by your cutting line and it opens a whole world of endless possibilities of techniques and styles. In just a short time you’ll feel the difference of less pain and an increased level of control and performance. In short, do everything with your hand open, your wrist straight, and your elbow down! The Swivl is part of SENSEI ManeStays™.


*30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason this product does not work as stated, you can return the product for a refund on the product price, shipping not included. Return shipping must be paid by the customer*