23 Tooth Seamless Blending Shear

It is essential to have high-quality tools, especially when working with the delicacy of hair. This blending shear, manufactured by Sensei, is your new go-to shear for any textured haircut. Forged with Japanese Steel and with a lifetime warranty





1 23 Tooth Seamless Blending Shear
1 FREE case
Lifetime warranty


Japanese Steel
Zero Gravity Tension
Cryo Tempering
Leaf-spring Tensioning


The GSC 23 tooth Seamless™ Blending Shear creates a soft blend with no lines left behind. It combs out with zero drag too, so this can be your go to shear for softening every cut and achieving a natural finish in every cut. This is truly a jaw dropping shear to cut with. Polymer lined pivots eliminate metal to metal wear, making these shears last so you can invest in expanding your tool kit rather than replacing your shear.


*30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason this product does not work as stated, you can return the product for a refund on the product price, shipping not included. Return shipping must be paid by the customer*