Tap on Antonio to see just how you can bring some LIFT to your blowout with the Cortex Pro ProDryer!!

Cortex Pro drops some truly innovative technology with more speed than every before!  Engineered by the experts at Cortex Pro, the ProDryer has been developed with healthier heat technology for you to take your blowdry game to the next level while keeping your health, the environment and the client’s hair integrity in mind! The perfect blowout starts with your tools and we, along with celebrity hairdresser Antonio Estrada want to empower you. 

Our friends at CortexPro gave us FIRST DIBS on the CortexPro ProDryer with some MAJOR cutting edge features, while still being featherweight and sustainable!


The CortexPro ProDryer has double the drying power and runs on an eco-friendly motor, which blocks the emission of harmful materials and doubles the longevity of the dryer. And yes we keep you PROS in mind with the] 10-foot swivel cord to keep you from getting tangled up. 



Use the two heat and speed settings to control the outcome according to your hair type and desired effect. For incredible results, section off hair, wrap a strand around our ProBrush, then direct the hot air to it while slowly bringing the brush down on circular motions. To finish the look, change the setting to cool air on the section for a few seconds, as it will help set the shape. 

The CortexPro ProDryer dryer locks in moisture, seals shine and smoothes split ends for a professional finish. Ionic technology helps water escape more quickly from the hair to cut drying time virtually in half. 

Deep from within the motor, Thermalon distributes heat evenly to style faster than ever before—with minimal damage to the hair. The environmental wink here is Thermalon process cuts toxic CO2 emissions by up to 60% in comparison to similar products. CortexPro tools are powered by Thermalon, a unique, eco-innovative technology that revolutionizes heat styling and features a patented, nonstick ceramic coating on the motor for lifelong durability and superior performance.  

Bring your blowouts some real love, and invest in a tool designed to last!


Click below to get yours!!

CortexPro ProDryer

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